OHS Act 85 of 1993

Course Content

OHS Act 85 of 1993

Course Outcome

Specific Outcome 1:

  • Basic principles on Common Law, Sections and Regulations of the Occupational health and Safety Act Common Law, Statuary Law, Negligence, Intention, Reasonable Practicable, Vicarious Liability
  • Aim of legislature - Responsibility of Employer, Employee, Manufacture, Contractor, Incident report, Powers of the Department of Labour

Specific Outcome 2:

  • SHE Representative and Committee
  • Listed Work, Exemptions, Penalties
  • Disclosure of information, Incorporation of standard

Specific Outcome 3:

  • General Administrative Regulation - Consultation before designation of SHE Representative
  • General Safety Regulation - Intoxication, First Aid, Stacking, Welding and ladders
  • Construction Regulation - Appointments, Client and Contractor Responsibility, Risk Assessment, Supervision of site

Specific Outcome 4:

  • Facility Regulation - Prohibition, Drinking Water and Seats
  • Environmental Regulation for Workplace - Thermal and Fire Precaution
  • Hazardous Chemical Substance - Training, Exposure, Handling and Record
  • Noise Regulation - Assessment, Monitoring, Medical and Record

Specific Outcome 5:

  • Driven Machinery Regulation - Lifting Machine and Tackle
  • Pressure Equipment Regulation - Fire extinguisher
  • Electrical Installation Regulation - Compliance Certificate
  • Electrical Machinery Regulation - Portable Electrical tool, light and fence

Course Duration

1 Day

What will it cost

R 950