Incident Investigation

Course Content

Learners credited with this unit standard will be able to demonstrate the ability to conduct investigations into workplace incidents. The competency includes all the activities required to successfully conduct incident investigations.

Course Outcome

Specific Outcome 1:

  • Explain the specified requirements pertaining to conducting an investigation into workplace incidents
  • The relevant standards for an investigation into workplace incidents are explained
  • The extent of the investigation is explained
  • The relevant hazards and risks likely to be encountered during the investigation are described
  • The purpose of conducting investigations into workplace incidents is described

Specific Outcome 2:

  • Prepare to gather data for the investigation
  • The purpose and extent of the investigation is verified
  • The persons, tools, equipment and material are verified as fit for purpose and available
  • The relevant hazard and risk control measures for workplace incident data gathering and the consequences of not conforming to specified requirements, in preparing for data gathering are explained

Specific Outcome 3:

  • Gather and evaluate data
  • Data is gathered according to the requirements for the intended type of investigation
  • The prevailing conditions at the scene of the incident are determined by using accepted data gathering methods
  • The data gathered is evaluated in order to establish variances between actual and required standards and procedures
  • The causes of the incident are identified through interpretation of these variances

Specific Outcome 4:

  • Perform post-investigation functions
  • The findings, recommendations and remedial action are reported
  • The identified sub-standard acts and conditions reported, are dealt with accordingly
  • Remedial action is evaluated and recorded accordingly
  • The consequences of non-compliance with any of the above are explained

Course Duration

1 Day

What will it cost

R 950