Confined Spaces

Course Content

Learners who are assessed as competent against this unit standard will be able to identify the hazard of confined spaces and the precautions required for the safety of the workers and public.

Course Outcome

Specific Outcome 1:

  • Identify the hazards of working in confined spaces
  • Hazards relative to gasses are identified
  • Hazards relative to fire are identified
  • Hazards relative to installation processes of material and plant are identified
  • Hazards relative to the operation of plant and equipment are identified

Specific Outcome 2:

  • Protective clothing or equipment is identified for the various types of hazards encountered in confined spaces
  • The proper use of protective clothing or equipment is demonstrated for the various hazard situations

Specific Outcome 3:

  • Identify training requirements for unskilled workers working in confined spaces & train the workers

Specific Outcome 4:

  • Plan and Implement emergency procedures
  • Resources are identified to handle an emergency
  • Explain the relevant Occupational Health and safety regulations

Course Duration

1 Day

What will it cost

R 575